Meet the team

As a team we are passionate about cycling and are convinced that it can make a real positive difference to people's lives. We are committed to encouraging anyone and everyone to get on their bike and we will support people with this in any way we can.


GrahamGraham –  Development Manager - “I got into cycling about 7 or 8 years ago and love it in all its forms!  I started out mountain biking but gradually got into road bikes and I now try to commute from Falkirk at least 2 or 3 times a week. I love the freedom and time to think I get on the bike as well as the suntan I get in the summer.”




Emma - Cycle Hub Officer - Employer Engagement 

Caroline - Cycle Hub Officer - Focus on Walking

Chris - Cycle Hub Officer - Focus on Communities



Susanne –  Hub Coordinator - “Cycling makes me feel happy and free. I have been riding a bike since I was a young child and it has given me the chance to explore new places on my own as well as to cycle with my friends and family. I could not imagine a life without cycling being a part of it. I hope to help lots of people in the Stirling area to start cycling and keep cycling.”